The Civil War Letters of James Harvey Campbell

a collection of thirty-one civil war letters

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Secondary Sources

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Manuscripts and Papers

Virginia Historical Society

  • Paull Hubbard Papers.
  • Bagby Family Papers.
  • Campbell Family Bible records.
  • Courtney Family Bible records.
  • Crenshaw Family Papers.
  • Dew Family Papers.
  • George W. Cook Papers.
  • Gresham Family Bible records.
  • Gresham Family Papers.
  • James Harvey Campbell Letters.
  • John Hampden Chamberlayne Papers.
  • Latane Family Papers.
  • Robert Edward Lee Letters.
  • Rouzie Family Papers.
  • Ware Family Papers.
  • William Graves Crenshaw Papers.

Library of Virginia

  • Confederate States of America. Army. Virginia Artillery. Special order 146.
  • William Graves Crenshaw Papers.

Museum of the Confederacy

  • Crenshaw Light Artillery Roll Books.

National Archives, Washington D.C.

  • Compiled Military Service Record, James Harvey Campbell.


  • Richmond, Va. The daily dispatch, 1851–1884.
  • Richmond, Va. The weekly dispatch, 1850–1903.
  • Richmond, Va. The Richmond Standard, 1878–1882.

Online Resources

  • American Civil War Research Database,
  • Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System,
  • National Archives,
  • Virginia Military Institute Archives,
The Civil War Letters of James Harvey Campbell   |   Researched and presented by Mark Lamb